Bloomingdale, NJ

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Animal Control
    Animal Forms
          Animal License Form
          North Jersey Animal Shelter Volunteer Form
          Pet Adoption Form
Building Department
    Building Department
          Bloomingdale CCO Application (Residential)
          CCO Application (Commercial or Tenant Rental)
          CCO Requirements
    Property Maintenance
          Landlord Registration Form
Landlord Registration Law NJSA 46:8-28
          Storage Units
Portable Storage Unit Application
    Department of Health
          Livestock Application
          Universal License Application
Including Retail Food, Recreational Bathing, Body Art and Kennel/Pet Shop
Municipal Clerk
Application Forms available from the Municipal Clerk's Office.
          2023 Town Wide Garage Sale
          Block Party Application
          Bloomingdale Volunteer Form
Volunteer form to serve on Borough of Bloomingdale selected Boards & Commissions.
          'DO NOT KNOCK' Registration
          Film Permit Application
Application to film on public lands in the Borough of Bloomingdale.
          Garage Sale Permit
          OPRA Form
OPRA Request Form
          Road Opening Permit
          Solicitation Application
Application for permit to solicit, canvass or survey
          Top Soil or Mulch Delivery Application
Application for delivery to residents.
    NJ Motor Vehicle Commission - Limousines
Limousine owner/operators and employers information.
          NJ MVC Website - Limousine owner/operators and employers
NJ Motor Vehicle Commission website forms, letters & regulations for Limousine owner/operators and employers.
          NJ MVC Letter to Limousine & Chauffeur Drivers
Letter to Limousine Drivers & Rental Car Chauffuers
          Limousine Application
          Limousine Operator Fingerprint Application Form
          March 2010 NJ Motor Vehicle Advisory
Mar. 2010: Advisory Limo Companies and Rental Car Chauffeur Companies
          NJ - New Limousine Law
NJ Legalized Games of Chance Control Commission (LGCCC)
          Raffle - NJ LGCCC Initial Affidavit & Application
          Raffle - NJ LGCCC Instructions
          Raffle Application
Planning Board / Zoning
    Planning / Zoning Forms
          200 FT LIST
          Checklist A - Site Plan or Bulk List
          Checklist B - Minor Subdivision
          Checklist C - Preliminary Major Subdivision
          Checklist D - Final Major Subdivision
          Checklist E - Use Variance
          Checklist F - Bulk Variance RESIDENTIAL
          Demolition Application
          Site Plan Application
          Subdivision Application
          Variance Application
          Zoning Application
This form is only for Bloomingdale and Kinnelon residents. Butler residents must contact Bill Budesheim, Butler Zoning Official at 973-838-7200 Ext. 224.
          Zoning Regulations
Public Works
          Top Soil / Mulch Delivery Application
    Recreation Forms
          Recreation Registration
Registrar of Vital Statistics
    Registrar's Office & Vital Statistics
          Application for Certification or Vital Record
Application for a non- genealogical certification or certified copy of a vital record.
          Marriage License Application
Marriage applications are taken by appointment only. To make an appointment or to speak to the Registrar, call (973) 838-0778 x 241.
Water & Sewer Utility
    Water & Sewer Forms
          Application for Sewer Connection
          Application for Sewer Pool Credit

Municipal Office Hours: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday
Tax Office:8:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday
Court Administrator: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday

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