Attention Bloomingdale Landlords,

you must comply with the following if you own a residential rental property in the Borough. 

  1. Lead Paint Inspections  [Due by July 22, 2024] *required for all rentals
  2. Landlord Registration *only required for 1 or 2 family rentals that are non owner-occupied As a landlord in New Jersey, you are required to register ‘non owner-occupied’ rental dwellings annually with the Municipal Clerk using this form, along with a fee of $150.00 per unit. 
    Registration Form

  3. Insurance Registration *required for all rentals & Business Owners Landlords of rental property &/or Business owners are required to provide proof of liability insurance. The form is available here and should be submitted along with $20.00 fee and proof of insurance. 
    Registration Form​​​​