The Bloomingdale Environmental Commission (BEC) was created by the Mayor and Council in 1966 for the protection, development or use of the natural resources located within the territorial limits of the Borough. The BEC may include up to seven regular members plus two alternate members. The Environmental Commission makes recommendations concerning open space preservation, water resources management; air pollution control; solid waste management; noise control; the protection of all trees, soil, and landscapes; protection of flora and fauna; and environmental appearances.  It may conduct research into the use or potential use of open land areas of the Borough, and study and make recommendations concerning all of the Borough's parkland, preserves and natural open space.

The Environmental Commission oversees the passive recreation sites and parkland. In addition, applications to the Planning Board and the Zoning Board of Adjustment are reviewed by the Environmental Commission, as appropriate.

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The Bloomingdale Environmental Commission meets on the First Wednesday of every month, at 7:30pm, in the Senior Center behind Boro Hall on Hamburg Tpk. All Meetings are open to the public. (Follow us on our Facebook page for Environmental News & updates: )


Current Events

“Prescribed Burn” and “Forest Stewardship” bills are back! Allowing commercial logging on State lands and the “prescribed burn” bill that would expand the current prescribed burn program.

Public Land Logging Bill Resurrected and Up in Committee!
Allowing for commercial logging on public lands Threatens some of the most environmentally sensitive places in New Jersey.

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