Ten Ways to Avoid Dog Bites

  1. Stay calm. Don’t scream or try to out run the dog.

  2. Never stare at a menacing dog. He will assume you are challenging him. Turn your head and avert your gaze while keeping him in your peripheral vision.

  3. Stand still with arms at side or crossed over chest with hands in fists to protect fingers.

  4. Command dog to sit or go home in the language of the neighborhood if you can speak in a commanding tone. If your voice gets high pitched or squeaky when you get nervous you are better off saying nothing.

  5. Before entering a property, scan for signs of dog feces, bones and bowls. Then bang on gate, side of house or car hood to alert possible dog of your presence.

  6. Do not advance on an unknown dog. Let them come check you out first.

  7. To keep your adrenaline from running wild remember to breathe.

  8. Before entering a home, ask that the dog be put in the bathroom or other room with a door that can be securely shut.

  9. If the dog grabs you, push into the mouth instead of pulling away. You have a better chance of the dog spitting you out and you won’t tear your flesh on his teeth.

  10. If a dog charges you, offer them a jacket, gym bag or other soft item to engage them in a tug of war. Don’t let go of the item until at a gate or door that you can close between you. If knocked down, assume the fetal position protecting your head and neck with arms and fists.