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Join Boy Scouts 1st grade-12th grade

Release Date: August 26, 2012
Join the Scouting Team – Email Us to find a Den or Troop Visit Pack 86 Website

Join the Scouting Team – Email Us to find a Den or Troop
Visit Pack 86 Website

Boys in first through fifth grade are invited to join Cub Scouts. 
Members experience a wide range of fun activities and complete award requirements that help to develop their sense of responsibility, confidence, teamwork, and promote a service ethic. Neighborhood and family centered, Cub Scouts meet weekly or bi-weekly in small groups (dens) in homes or other community locations led by volunteer den leaders, and monthly in pack meetings with families and all other dens. They work on award requirements (advancements) at meetings and with their families, as well as take part in pack/den field trips and special Cub Scout Camps.

How About an Adventure?
Visit Troop 86 Website
If you are interested in joining a troop, please call Al Saint Jacques at (973) 838-4042.

Boys between the ages of 11 to 17 can join Boy Scouts without having gone through the Cub Scout program.
Boy Scout Troops are broken in to patrols and is a mentoring program where older boys teach skills to the younger boys. Boy Scouts prove themselves in an environment that challenges their courage and tests their nerve. After they’ve been given the proper guidance from those with experience and know-how, they take their own lead, going places they’ve never gone, seeing things they’ve never seen, and diving into the rugged world of outdoor adventure, relying on teamwork and character to accomplish what everyone else thinks is impossible.